Visit Valencia, where my heart and identity belongs

I do not know where else I would have belonged if it were not Valencia. I am the absolute reflection of what my homeland is. Of course you, my dear globalista, must visit Valencia.

I know my city may be in the list of secondary trips within Spain for the most of you. Normally, travellers go straight to Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Ibiza, unless they are fanatics about my country and do long hauls or, even more, stay here forever – I don’t blame you.

Valencia's main square
This is Valencia’s main square at night. Just relaxing!

Allow me to explain you why Valencia – my homeland- should be promoted to the top destinations to visit within Spain. I am going to be brief and straightforward, as the good Valencian woman I am. I will leave the rest of the details to the Lonely Planet.

Visiting Valencia means going for simplicity and balance

If you – my dear globalista woman – are currently experiencing some sort of exhaustion, suffering from loneliness, sick of vanality and flavourless relationships, you miss yourself and you see your basic values are on danger, please take the chance and come to Valencia.

Palms in Malvarrosa beach
The atmosphere in Malvarrosa beach reminds me to Venice beach… it just gets better!

Visit Valencia, European minded city which push you straight towards simplicity and life balance.

Valencia is one of a kind within the Mediterranean paradise: sunny the 85% of the year with an average of 17ºC in Winter and 35ºc in Summer. Middle-sized city with both urban and natural locations, sea and mountain – yes, Beirut is not the only one – it invites you to slow down, redefining yourself and focus on the most simple things in life without sacrifizing any facility or amenity.

Sunset in Albufera lake
For those who are sunset hunters. Take note: Albufera lake!

«Which are those simple things you are talking about?», you may ask. Easy: LIVE -the proper feeling of only the yourself and the now-, EAT – healthier or less healthy, omnivorous, vegetarian,vegan options, whatever, you will deservely earn a couple of kgs from eating absolutely delicious food – , REST -stressfree, unless you are not able to laugh at language and cultural missunderstandings with locals, who speak both Castellano and Valencian – AND LOVE – hey! Valencia is a hot-blooded city full of passional people, now it depends on your loving skills. At least, I can promise you will love yourself more.

Look what happened to this gentleman from Manchester. «Valencia, life awaits» is the title of the shortfilm launched by Turisme València. It gets really close of what I mean.

Embrace provincialism, enjoy diversity

Valencian population is mostly provincial, which means you might not find a red carpet when you get out of the airport. You will neither be stoned.

Everyone is got their own life deeply rooted to lifelong friends and family and it happens that Valencia needs its time to develope the willing to both learn from the strange and show our beautiful culture and place. But we are a bunch of humble, helpful, hardworking, energized, creative and passional people. Our sense of humor is our best weapon.

Visit Valencia and our strong identity
Yellow and red signs all over the city show our identity colors

I usually call myself «avatar», because I am more open minded than the average. Anyways, there are many «avatars» like me and you could also find expats and tourists in downtown in case you suffer from frustration. Please, don’t go to Tinder.

Do not worry here at all.

And if you manage to soak through provincialism and be welcome by a Valencian family, it is something both local family and you will thank for life. My globalista friends can talk to you about this. 😉 Visit Valencia, be humble and embrace provincialism.

It is also positive the fact that Valencia is the third major city in Spain, but – compared to Madrid and Barcelona – it scapes from saturation and overpopulation. Suck up all the culture, sight seeing, shopping, gastronomy, beach, nature, avant-garde, tradition, art, party in style you want because you will find everything you are looking for with just the right amount of crowd. It sound good, doesn’t it?

Valencia, the creativity hub of Europe

Perhaps it is all what I’ve written above which makes Valencia one of the most potential creativity hubs in Europe.

I don’t address this statement to only professionals focused in creativity. All what I mentioned above – plus the good advice from Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor – works for everyone who needs creativity in their lifes. Valencia is such an inspiring city for those who use creativity for living and who need the inspiration to make the right decisions in life.

Corner with charm in Valencia
Corner with charm in Fábrica de Hielo, Cabanyal District.

Take your time to get lost in the corners of Carmen, Russafa, Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciències, Cabanyal, Albufera areas and pay extreme attention to the details on your way. Stay. They might provide you with very successful ideas.

Every is the true reflection of where comes from
Everyone is the true reflection of where comes from. I am proud to say I am pure Valencian!

Visit Valencia. Well, it is my hometown but it has worked for me after coming back from the 3 years in Middle East. Miss you all. 🙂